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Julius Sperber Rosicrucians & Alchemy & Mysticism Born around 1540 in Seebergen, Germany, Julius Sperber, also known as Julianus de Campis, was a prominent figure in the mystical and philosophical Johannes Swammerdam (1637-1680) Natural History & Mysticism Swammerdam was a Dutch biologist and microscopist. He was the first to show that insects did not generate from dirt or mud and described how eggs, Antoinette Bourignon (1616-1680) Mysticism ­­­­­­­ Antoinette Bourignon (1616-1680) was a Flemish mystic and writer who believed in the importance of inner spiritual transformation. Born into Jane Leade (1624-1704) Mysticism & Kabbalah & Jacob Boehme Jane Leade was an English mystic, visionary, and writer who became known for her inspired spiritual teachings and prophetic writings. Born in Johann Friedrich Corvinus (1648-1721) Mysticism & Anabaptism & Rosicrucians Anabaptisticum et enthusiasticum pantheon und geistliches Rusthaus wieder die alten Quacker und neuen Frey-Geister, welche die Kirche Gottes zeihero Jan van Ruusbroec (1293-1381) Mysticism & Hermetism Jan Van Ruusbroec was a Flemish mystic, theologian, and religious writer who is most renowned for his spiritual works. Born in the town of Johann von Paltz (1445-1511) Mysticism Johann von Paltz is mainly known as one of the teachers of Luther. Celifodina Absconditos scripture thesauros pandens, denuo possa eliata: atque ubi Plotinus (204/5-270 CE) Mysticism & Neoplatonism Plotinus was an influential Greek philosopher and mystic who founded the Neoplatonic school of philosophy. He is widely considered to be one of the Robert Fludd (1574-1637) Mysticism & Astrology & Alchemy & Neoplatonism & Hermetism Robert Fludd was an English philosopher, physician and astrologer. He is best known for his work on alchemy, astrology and mysticism. The son of a Paulus Ricius (-1541) Kabbalah & Mysticism Ricius was humanist, translator, and apostate. Ricius was one of the few converted Jews of the age who made a serious contribution to Christian Ramon Llull (ca 1232-1315/16) Mysticism Ramon Lull, known as Ramon Llull, was a Spanish philosopher, theologian, and missionary born in Palma, Majorca, Spain. He was a major figure in the Hendrik Herp (ca 1400-1477) Mysticism Hendrik Herp or Henricus Herpius was a Dutch or Flemish Franciscan of the Strict Observance, and a writer on mysticism. Collationes tres notabiles David Joris (1501-1556) Anabaptists & Mysticism David Joris was born in Delft. He was a glass painter by trade. He became an anabaptist in 1533. He moved to Bazel in 1544 where he lived under the Jacob Böhme (1575-1624) Mysticism Jakob Böhme was Christian mystic and philosopher, who had a great influence on later philosophical movements, such as German Idealism and