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Jacob Schalling (1587-after 1615) Rosicrucians & Medicine & Alchemy D. S. G. PHILOSOPHIA TRANSNATURALIS è SANCTA SCRIPTURA NATURAE OBVIIS EXEMPLIS, sapientium virorum sparsis testimoniis ACCINCTA Per labores Johannes Rhenanus Rosicrucians & Alchemy & Medicine is not to be confused with the famous 16th century humanist. He was a medical doctor, and known for his chemical experiments Heinrich Khunrath (1560-1605) Rosicrucians & Alchemy & Medicine Heinrich or Henricus Khunrath was a notable figure in the world of Rosicrucianism during the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Born in 1560 in Abraham ben David de Portaleone (?-1612) Alchemy & Medicine Abraham Portaleone was an Italian-Jewish physician in Mantua. he studied the possible medical uses of gold. De auro dialogi tres. Venetiis, Joh, Giovan Francesco Aggravi (fl.1664-1678) Alchemy & Medicine & Pharmacy Antilucerna fisica oroscopante la conservatione della sanita. Padova, Mattio Cadorin, 1664 ➤ | ➤ Miroretechium sive methode compositivo medicinale Johann Agricola (1590-1668) Alchemy & Medicine Agricola was born in Neunburg vorm Wald in the Upper Palatinate. In 1607 he matriculated at the University of Königsberg. From 1611 to 1614 he Georgius Agricola (1494-1555) Alchemy & Medicine & Metallurgy Georgius Agricola was a leading scholar and scientist of the German Renaissance. He is widely regarded as the father of mineralogy and is known for Symphorien Champier (1472-1539) Neoplatonism & Philosophy & Medicine & Hermetism was a French physician, scholar, and humanist. He was born in the small town of Savoy and studied medicine at the Alessandro Achillini (1463-1512) Medicine & Philosophy & Astronomy & Astrology Alessandro Achillini was an Italian physician, philosopher and humanist who is best known for his contributions to the scientific revolution of the Avicenna (c. 980 — 1037 CE) Medicine & Astrology & Mathematics Avicenna (Ibn Sina) was an influential Persian polymath, physician, and philosopher, who is regarded as one of the most significant figures in the Giambattista della Porta (1535-1615) Science & Optics & Magic & Medicine & Botany Giambattista della Porta, the “Father of Modern Scientific Method,” was an Italian scientist, philosopher, and playwright. Della Porta was a Matteo Bosso (1427-1502) Medicine & Platonic Academy & Neoplatonism & Hermetism Bosso was a member of the Platonic Academy of Marsilio Ficino and a friend of Pico della Mirandola and Lorenzo de Medici. De instituendo sapientia Albertus Magnus (c. 1200 — 1280) Alchemy & Medicine & Philosophy Albertus Magnus was a German theologian, philosopher, scientist, and Catholic saint. He is known as Albert the Great and Albert of Cologne. He was a Paracelsus (1493-1541) Alchemy & Astrology & Medicine Paracelsus was a Swiss physician, alchemist, and astrologer who revolutionized medicine in the 16th century. He is considered one of the most Pietro d’Abano (ca 1257-1316) Astrology & Medicine Pietro d’Abano was a medical doctor, philosopher and astrologist. His writings on astrology and magic brought him in contact with the inquisition.