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Stephan Michelspacher (ca 1571-1627) Rosicrucians & Alchemy & Book history & Paracelsus Stephan Michelspacher was a Tyrolean printmaker and physician active in Augsburg during the early seventeenth century. A Lutheran, he likely left A Portrait of the Author Book History Gore Vidal wrote an essay about the changed role of the author: around 1900, an authority; at the end of the twentieth century, a man or woman on Three interesting Woodcuts Book history & Astrology & Ptolemy Working on what I hope will in a few months be the greatest and easiest-to-use catalog of digitized books on astrology I noticed two title pages: Look! Book history & Incunabula In many books printed before 1500, there are pointing fingers in the margins. They indicate a passage that the reader found important. Nowadays, we Herman de la Fontaine Verwey Book history & Bibliography ‘Wie schrijft die blijft’: Herman de la Fontaine Verwey (1903-1989) Van alle bibliothecarissen van de Amsterdamse Universiteitsbibliotheek is Herman Frans A. Janssen bibliografie & Frans Janssen & Book history Franciscus Antonius Wilhelmus Gerard Janssen (Vught, 30 juli 1939) is een Nederlandse historicus. Hij is hoogleraar emeritus in Geschiedenis van The Most Important Invention in the World Gutenberg & Book history & Printing The inventor of the printing press, as is well-known, is Gutenberg, or to give him his full name: Johannes Gensfleisch zur Ladem zum Gutenberg, and The World Capital of the Book (1620-1720) Book trade & Book history & Amsterdam & Golden Age The Trade in Information The French philosopher René Descartes had a fondness for Amsterdam. As many of the people there, spanning all ages and David Joris (recensie) David Joris & Anabaptists & Heretics & Book history David Joris, schilder, dichter, paracleet in de Nederlanden fel vervolgd als wederdoper, in Bazel met open armen ontvangen als aanzienlijk